Our Intake, which is free of charge,  will be an introductory meeting in which we will get to know each other. The intake meeting is not a typical coaching session; it is to be used to provide the foundation for the coaching programme and is likely to include the following: –

  • Introduce the coach and the client.
  • The purpose and objective of the coaching sessions
  • The length of the coaching arrangement (number of sessions; length of each session)
  • Typical outline of a coaching session
  • Addressing confidentiality and reporting back of information. The coach works for the individual client and respects the confidentiality of the sessions.
  • Commitment and priority – time is fixed
  • No blame – the client takes ownership for decisions and responsibility for his/her actions; the coach provides feedback.
  • The intake session will be a maximum of 30 minutes

A coaching programme is like a set of stepping stones. Each step is complete in itself and also moves you towards an overall objective, and steps can not be ignored as each step is important to be able to reach the next step and overall goal.

The coach is here to aid and encourage the client, but it is the client’s responsibility to identify the outcomes and to set goals to achieve it, and it is their responsibility to take the actions to achieve the outcomes.

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